Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What happened to

A: was memorial website created as a resource for friends and family from late 1999 - 2000. contains much of the previous information, and is now continuing the ongoing process of promoting Robert's artistic legacy.


Q:  What happened to, Inc Non-Profit?

A:, Inc. was formed mainly in response to 1) a small amount of money that was donated to promote Robert's legacy, and 2) to make an official memorial for Robert and his music.  Two years after, Inc. was formed, family and friends involved with the Non-Profit found it counterproductive due to minimal funds, tax filing, and yearly meetings.  The dilemma: not having the official Non-Profit but still promoting Robert's artistic and personal legacies.  The answer: this website and the grassroots efforts of friends and family.  We are still continuing to transfer Robert's music from tape to CD, and we hope this website can be a central resource for those interested in Robert's art.

Resource: for archival information on, Inc.


Q:  I'm a friend and/or relative of Robert Rottet, how can I be involved and/or help out?

A:  Check out the involvement page for suggestions and details.


Q:  Where does the money go if I donate?

A:  When you donate, all of the money goes into a fund for the ongoing promotion of Robert's art: transferring tapes to CD, CD art work and duplication, etc.  All of Robert's albums are FREE of charge, and are funded only by donations, and those volunteering to help with production, design, duplication, etc.  Research Records is more than willing to provide you with our financial information if you are interested.  Further information can be obtained from the webmaster.