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Nonprofit Corporation & staff are finished making a Nonprofit Corporation under the Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 504A.

The Nonprofit entity will have the express purpose of continuing the personal and artistic legacies of Robert Rottet, and supporting other "undiscovered" artists.

November 16, 2000: staff met with attorneys in Des Moines, IA to sign and finalize documentation.

Next steps:
(1) meeting with the Rottet family to approve the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  

**Meeting: 11/29/00.

Step completed

(2) awaiting the return of the SS-4 (application for tax I.D. number) from the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

**We received the Tax I.D. # - 12/02/00

Step completed

(3) setting up the, Inc. bank account

**Opened account: 12/21/00

Step completed

Staff would like to gratefully acknowledge those of you who have sent contributions.  We deeply thank you for your gifts, and for your patience as we have been getting this process completed.



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