1.  Think about joining the Online Forum: Conversation / Community.

  a.  To facilitate dialogue regarding Robert and his art
  b.  If interested: follow directions given in the forum (use link above)
  c.  Problems or questions about this: e-mail questions here

2.  If you have tapes of Robert Rottet's music, consider making a list and joining the Tape Exchange Library.

3.  Friends and Family are involved with transferring Robert's music from tape to CD.  We are looking for those who knew Robert to be involved.  There are many ways, but some include:

  a.  Creating artwork for individual albums (drawing, photos, etc.)
  b.  Writing liner notes for individual albums
  c.  CD duplication:

          * We've found a duplicator in Canada that does CD
          duplication, printing, shrink wrapping, etc. for short-run
          projects (5 - 50 CDs, etc.).  Research Records is looking
          to start all Robert's CDs at a 50 count level.  The cost
          is about $120.00 (USA $) for an entire 50 count run.
          Research Records production will be covered by friends,
          and we will make the CDs available FREE to everyone,
          thus proactively promoting Robert's legacy.

  d.  If you are interested in helping by donation, please let us know.

          This would go towards the following items:
               1.  CD artwork and printing
               2.  CD duplication
               3.  Making each of Robert's CDs available for free
               4.  Packaging/Shipping of CDs
               5.  Monthly website fees

e.  . . . any other ideas? (contact us)

4.  Send us photos for this website:

  a.  JPEG format
  b.  good resolution, but able to take little file space
  c.  include any info. re: photos that might be of interest
  d.  your name and contact site(s)

5.  If you've written things about Robert (or inspired by his life, or his music), and if you'd like it to be posted on the website, please feel free to e-mail it to us (MS-Word file attachment, please).  See contact sites here: send a piece of writing.