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photo: Dan Baltzer


"Why Research Records? . . .

'Beauty is truth and truth is beauty, that is all you know in this life and all you need to know.'

Well, there's been alot of people discovering truth via the arts throughout the ages, from the first bones that were pounding on hollow logs all the way to Jimi Hendrix.  There's so much good music out there that sometimes it's discouraging.  It seems as though there's nothing to do but 'recreate the wheel.'  But learning from our musical history can be enlightening as well; this is where the truth comes in.  Expressions through music have reflected and inspired significant points in history.  Even music without words can carry the stories of triumph, dreams and things that cannot be expressed with words.  All this to say that WE HERE AT RESEARCH RECORDS BELIEVE IN APPRECIATING OUR MUSICAL PAST TO MAKE GOOD MUSIC TODAY . . . but this is just the first ingredient.

The second meaning of Research Records has nothing to do with music.  We are not musicians or business people or anything else.  We are just people.  In America, alot of people are wound up in what they DO for a living.  We wanted to avoid that altogether.  We believe people need time to DO things that are important, and sometimes that's not making music.  Sometimes it's taking care of family or loved ones or RESEARCHING YOUR SOUL (Yes, we're gonna get spiritual on ya' now).  A soul is the thing that holds all of our dreams, mistakes, and even the different rules we live by.  It is strong, as well as fragile-- it needs to be maintained even as the other aspects of our person do.   RESEARCH RECORDS IS AN ESTABLISHED BOND OF FRIENDS WHO ARE CONCERNED WITH EACH OTHER'S WELL-BEING AND THE LIFE OF THEIR RESPECTIVE COMMUNITIES.

We hope this has been helpful in letting you know where we are 'coming from.'  There are many other things that make up who we are.  This is not an exhaustive statement; it is only meant to give a general direction and description.

Robert Rottet:
Founder, October, 11, 1992



photo: Timon McPhearson


Robert Rottet (1966 - 1999)


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