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Country, Blues, Folk
(recorded: 1995 / released 2004)

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songs / liner notes

1.  In My Time of Dyin'
2.  Lonesome Whistle Blues
3.  Last Bad Deal
4.  Kentucky Waltz
5.  Oh Susanna
6.  Jesus
7.  Step It Up and Go
8.  Fixin' to Die
9.  Blue Moon of Kentucky
10.  You're Gonna Quit Me
11.  Redemption Song
12.  Roll on John

Liner Notes

This album of country, blues, and folk songs was discovered in late 1999, shortly after Robert’s death.  It was recorded in the late spring, early summer of 1995; Robert was living in Chicago at the time, and trying to make another go of things in the windy city.  He was living with Mark Smalling, and playing music with John Austin.  Money was somewhere between tight and non-existent, but I remember—when we talked—his being pleased with certain new material.  From this period would come Songs He Usually Doesn’t Play, The Chicago E.P., and Country, Blues, Folk.

Some context: By the time Robert finally completed this project, I was teaching English in Pusan, South Korea.  It was Fall 1995.  Rob was going back to school in Indiana to finish his university degree.  In a letter he asked what I thought about him coming to teach in Korea—would he like it, he asked.  I told him I thought he would find it to be a great opportunity.  I could line up music gigs in the local university district.  You could save quite a bit to pay off loans, I told him.  This was true.  But selfishly, of course, I just wanted to be with him as friends in a foreign place, brothers teaching English and creating art and music and poetry.  I believe there was quite a gap—months even—between the letter of my reply and the next time I heard from him.  It may have been via word-of-mouth, maybe Dave Davidson told me, but some time later I learned of Robert’s decision to join the Army.  There is a long line of stellar and high-ranking military service in the Rottet family, but to this day Robert’s decision seems out of place with all that he was as a person.  This same wonder and apprehension was a consensus among his friends.  That said, Robert entered his new role with vigor, and I doubt the Army has ever encountered a more caring person.

Robert had a keen sensibility when it came to traditionals and blues and country tunes.  Something high and lonesome in his voice.  Some kind of dirt road honesty and historical authenticity moved front and center.  Listen to the album a few times and you’ll know.  It’s a beautifully haunting work.

This project was initiated back in 2000, in Des Moines, Iowa.  It has taken many detours, but is now complete.  Research Records—Robert’s own label—is proud to release it.  We hope you will be moved by Robert’s music and voice.

Matt Malyon – Vancouver, B.C. 2004


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album credits

Recorded: May – June 1995, Chicago, Illinois

Tracks: 1. (Blind Willie Johnson),  2. (Hank Williams & Jimmy Davies),  3. (Robert Johnson),  4. (Bill Monroe),  5. (Traditional),  6. (Velvet Underground/ Lou Reed),  7. (Traditional),  8. (Bukka White),  9. (Bill Monroe),  10. (Traditional/public domain),  11. (Bob Marley),  12. (Traditional).

All arrangements: Robert Rottet / Produced by Robert Rottet

Thanks:  Rosi Petkova (Scanning), Judy Lee (labels), Mark Smalling (photography), Kurt Armstrong (lino-cut cover art), Josh Vargo (duplication), Vince Caperelli (consulting), Dave Davidson (consulting), Timon McPhearson (consulting), Jenni Lin Malyon (consulting), Matt Malyon (production).

Research Records:  304-2545 W. Broadway,  Vancouver, B.C.  Canada  V6K 2E9

This album is free of charge.

Inquiries about Robert Rottet’s legacy project, production cost donations, or legacy project involvement can be mailed to the above address, or e-mailed:

©  2004 Robert Rottet / SWB Music / Research Records


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